Buy Instagram Followers From These 7 Safe Websites (2021)


Are you planning to buy Instagram followers? Maybe you work as an influencer or want to use social media to raise awareness of your small business.

Having an Instagram account, using hashtags, and making a few posts is not enough to increase your number of followers and your online presence.

Buying new subscribers might be the way to go, but you need to be careful when choosing a provider as there are too many sites selling you fake accounts or bots as subscribers, which get deleted within days – and put your social network account at risk.

If you want to increase the number of subscribers on your account but make sure that your account stays in the good graces of the Instagram algorithm, only use safe websites that provide real users. Below is a guide on how to buy Instagram followers and an explanation of the best places to buy those followers.

7 best sites to buy Instagram followers safely

If you want to buy followers for Instagram, using one of the sites below is the best way to go. They are completely safe sites that sell you high quality and premium subscribers with fast delivery.

Buying from any of the sources below ensures that none of your new subscribers are bot or fake accounts.

We asked a group of 250 Instagram influencers with between 50,000 and 2,000,000 subscribers for their opinion. If you want to save time and arrive at the verdict: we recommend to buy Instagram followers.

1. Twissy

Voted best site for buying Instagram followers by Men’s Journal, Atlanta Mag, Washington CityPaper, Mercury News, and US Mag, Twicsy makes the process of buying Insta followers a breeze. If you want Instagram likes or followers for a business or influencer account, you can choose the Twicsy package that best suits your needs.

Want to buy followers for your Instagram profile? Twicsy offers both high quality and premium subscribers. You can get 100 high quality subscribers for less than $ 3, while the same number of premium subscribers would cost you even less.

Whichever plan you choose, Twicsy offers organic subscribers at competitive prices. These are active followers who will see the photos and videos you post on Instagram, making this a marketers dream.

Twicsy sells Instagram likes and views, in addition to followers. You can try bundling each of these Instagram services into one package, which may cost you less than buying them individually. If you want to order a lot of followers, likes and views, you should consult the Twicsy support team for the most recent price.

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2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is one of the leading sellers of Followers, Likes, and Views on Instagram. If you want to increase brand awareness for a business account, Buzzoid is the place to be to buy your first IG followers.

The followers you get from Buzzoid will help your engagement rate, especially if you choose premium followers with fast delivery. These people are from your target market, which means they are likely to click on your posts to find out about the products and services you offer.

Buzzoid has a customer support team that can work with you on a growth service, gradually generating more followers, likes, and views on your Instagram profile. Spending a fraction of your marketing budget on Buzzoid’s Instagram services can have a very positive impact on your bottom line for years to come.

The prices are so low at Buzzoid that you can get a 5,000 premium subscribers package for around $ 85. This is a good deal considering these real followers are real active Instagram users.


3. Rushmax

We can keep it short and sweet.

The Rushmax platform is a great place to start if you want to establish a social media presence. Rushmax supports multiple payment methods, offers discounts when you buy a large number of subscribers, and can help you get the social proof your small business may need.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.


Leverage iDigic to take advantage of the Instagram growth your business may need. The iDigic platform is very easy to use and is perfect for any small business looking to improve their Instagram marketing strategy.

You can buy as few as 100 subscribers on iDigic, or you can go up to 100,000 or more. The company offers near instant delivery of these high quality or premium followers to your Instagram page.

If you want to buy likes and views for your Instagram posts on iDigic, you can bundle them with followers for a slight discount. iDigic has a solid reputation for providing quality services, so we recommend that you give them a try.

5. Diozzub

Diozzub is a safe place to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views. If your business uses Instagram services to attract customers, you want followers from a provider like Diozzub.

The followers you get here will be Instagram’s algorithm compliant, which means your account is secure. You can get instant delivery or request subscribers to be staggered over time.

6. Viral Viral

Trust Viral Viral for the authentic followers you need on Instagram. Customer reviews on the platform show that it is one of the most respected in the industry, as they will never sell you fake Instagram followers who unsubscribe after a few hours.

Viral Viral subscriber packages are ideal for influencers and small business owners. Whether you want to become a star on IGTV or want to increase your Instagram engagement to sell products, Viral Viral is a great place to buy followers, likes and views.

7. Laboratories V

V Labs is a trusted source of quality Instagram followers. You can find packages of different quantities, each of them delivering real accounts as new followers on your Instagram profile in real time.

If you want to improve your profile by posting more Instagram stories or regular photos, V Labs can help you achieve your marketing goals. They offer multiple payment plans (including PayPal and credit card) and their checkout process takes less than five minutes.

Is Buying Instagram Followers Safe?

Business owners are really worried that trying to buy Instagram followers their account will get banned. The truth is, you only run this risk if you buy fake subscribers from a bad website (this is a scam).

When you use sites that have spent years building a good reputation, like the seven below, you’re in good hands. These sites sell you real and genuine Instagram followers within your target audience. This means that your new subscribers are real people.

Not only do these followers help you achieve your social media marketing goals, but they ensure that your account remains in good standing on the Instagram social media platform.

Learn How To Always Get Real Instagram Followers

Becoming a social media influencer or establishing your business as an authority within an industry is not easy. If it were simple, everyone would have a million followers and no one would need to buy high quality followers and likes.

If you’re worried about buying followers for your Instagram account, only to get banned because the algorithm finds a problem, use one of the sites recommended above (like Twicsy). They are 100% legitimate, safe and affordable sites that sell you high quality or top quality subscribers.

Only buy from sites that are respected within the community, as these are the sites that other people and businesses have used successfully in the past.

Buy Instagram Followers – Is It Expensive?

Any influencer or business hoping to buy real Instagram followers should be willing to pay a bit more for quality. Most reputable Instagram follower sellers have two categories.

You can buy high quality subscribers or premium subscribers, depending on your goals. Premium subscribers are very good, but high quality subscribers are more likely to come from your target audience. If you want to sell more products and services through your Instagram account, you should go for premium followers wherever possible.

Speak to the customer support team at one of the above sites to learn more about their packages. They are real people who will help you achieve your social media marketing goals.

In terms of costs, you shouldn’t expect to pay too much for the best subscribers. These sites are very reasonable in terms of price, and that’s why you can comfortably buy tens of thousands of subscribers.

Build a serious digital presence

If you want to take the next step as an influencer, or if you are hoping that your business can find new customers, you need to invest in new followers on Instagram.

Buying followers who are high quality Instagram users will make a huge difference in your social media marketing campaign. A high number of subscribers means that many more people are seeing your posts, videos, and stories.

Why pay a marketer to do a job you can handle at a fraction of the cost? It doesn’t have to be complicated posting great content and keeping up with the trends. Elevate your digital presence by buying high quality followers on the social media platform Instagram.

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