Bitcoin Daily: NCR and NYDIG to Allow Bitcoin Purchases


A deal between payment firm NCR and NYDIG, a digital asset firm, will benefit 650 companies looking to offer bitcoin purchases, according to a Forbes report.

The deal will see community banks, including First Citizens Bank of North Carolina, as well as credit unions like Bay Federal Credit Union in California, able to work with crypto through NCR’s mobile apps.

NCR wants to capitalize on demand from places like banks and credit unions, which are fed up with foreign exchanges that handle crypto payments from their accounts.

The GetYourGuide travel booking platform is expanding into the United States and plans to accept dogecoin as a form of payment, according to a press release.

GetYourGuide, the release said, wants people to start using Dogecoin on “real experiences.”

“The challenges many have faced over the past year have sent people into a virtual spiral – a Netflix frenzy, increased use of social apps and a renewed interest in trading stocks and cryptocurrencies. , like Dogecoin, “said Johannes reck, co-founder and CEO of GetYourGuide. “Why waste time worrying about Doge’s hourly fluctuations when we can invest in creating memories by experiencing the best of the real world?” “

Mike Novogratz, the crypto billionaire behind Galaxy Interactive, heads the investment load for virtual real estate developer Republic Realm, reports Reuters.

Republic Realm buys virtual real estate, which means a crypto asset or non-fungible token (NFT) whose ownership status and authenticity are verified by blockchain.

Republic Realm recently started working in the fully online virtual world Decentraland, which allows people to display their virtual collections, including NFT art collections. They can open art shops and “walk” in the virtual world.

A non-fungible token (NFT) with World Wide Web source code sold for $ 5.4 million, US News wrote.

The code in question was written by its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee. The report states that while the World Wide Web itself was not sold, Berners-Lee’s blockchain-based property record, along with the original source code files, was.



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