BI Developer (with Cloud and Data Science experience) – B1703 Evdb at Mediro ICT

We are looking for a BI Expert Consultant Developer with Cloud and Qlik / Qliksense experience

  • Project / process management
  • Ability to develop in a specific programming language sought
  • Strong experience as a BI / Development Consultant
  • Strong working knowledge of software development tools, techniques and approaches used to build application solutions
  • Working knowledge of software development tools, techniques and approaches used to create application solutions
  • Cloud Computing Technologies, Business Drivers and Emerging IT Trends
  • Understanding of integration between different technologies
  • Coordination between development and support environments
  • Business case support
  • Planning and monitoring
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Organization of requirements
  • Translate and simplify requirements
  • Requirements management and communication
  • Analyse of needs
  • Document the requirements in an appropriate format according to the methodology followed
  • Help in identifying and managing risks

Minimum requirements

  • At least 8 10 years of experience in Qlik BI reporting technology
  • At least 8 10 years of experience in BI consulting
  • Experience in automated testing on BI (within a BI and analytics solution)
  • 3 years of frontend programming language (JavaScript, Angular / Typescript)
  • At least 3-5 years of data science experience (understanding of algorithms, data science experience using R + Python
  • 3 years of backend programming experience with Java or C#
  • Beneficial agile work experience
  • 3 5 years of experience in Cloud architecture (Dev Ops focus) advantageous
  • Expert BI knowledge and understanding of Qlik/Qliksense including data extraction, data transformation and data display
  • Qlikview / Qliksense
  • Experience building data pipeline/ETL
  • Clean data and transfer data into a reusable data model
  • Create complex queries and Qlik dashboards
  • Good experience in testing (manual and automated testing for data validation to ensure the accuracy of data transformations
  • Creation of Qlik Mash ups (Queries with Angular code, Wizard VizLib)
  • Understanding of Python (Python 3x) and R as data analysis languages ​​(advanced knowledge for Python, basic knowledge for R)
  • Exceptional analytical skills analyzing large and complex datasets and good understanding of existing (advanced) algorithm.
  • Good understanding of the Frontend programming language
  • JavaScript, Angular typescript
  • Good understanding of a major backend language (advanced)
  • Java or C#

Additional requirements: SAP Data Extraction

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