BetaMars launches closed beta test, Land NFT and project

New York, NY, 06 Feb. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to a BetaMars official, for an optimized user experience and better preparation to officially go live, BetaMars will open the closed beta test in stages. The first period will open in mid-February. During the closed beta test, 3 Land NFT Whitelists and 3,000 BetaMars Elonpounk Project Tokens will be the test rewards to be shared by testers! The Land whitelist will be assigned to the top three users in the first period revenue ranking. It is reported that the Land NFT will go live on the Binance NFT Market with a floor price of 0.5 ETH. The Land NFT whitelist represents the qualification to buy Land NFT at the floor price!

BetaMars, fictional masterpiece of the metaverse

BetaMars is a metaverse game project integrating various elements such as NFT, combat strategy, UGC metaverse and DAO. As a sci-fi masterpiece with Martian immigration in the background, BetaMars has repeatedly thought and analyzed three fundamental dimensions respectively gameplay design, business model and project development planning . It dramatically revolutionized the gameplay of similar metaverse games, hoping to provide players with a multi-layered metaverse project experience!

Real Meaning Of The Metaverse Game emotion embedded in the code

When the feelings of the players are integrated into the numerical codes, it turns the whole track of the metaverse upside down. BetaMars takes this concept one step further. As a very open game, BetaMars gives players plenty of room to play, allowing them to experience a second life in the BetaMars world in an immersive way!

The feeling of immersion comes not only from the graphics, but from all aspects of the game. Thanks to the BetaMars gameplay design that integrates humanity and a unique economic model, the BetaMars metaverse game is extremely realistic. In version 1.0, BetaMars has expanded the strategic combination of confrontation through the class rivalry of two identities in the BetaMars world: Lord and Miner, which greatly increases players’ sense of immersion and freedom.

In version 2.0 and later, the social sandbox metaverse will be open and every player can use their creativity and imagination to create their own wonderful world based on BetaMars Land NFT! The surreal metaverse world will be built on the basis of 1.0, and a new digital civilization will take off.

The Metaverse field continues to thrive, BetaMars attracting attention.

In 2021, the metaverse track continues to thrive globally. From Roblox to Meta, many internet giants are involved in the industry, and the metaverse market has become the most affected domain in the world today, even though it is still in its infancy, unless one year of metaverse explosion concept. It is expected that players in the traditional industry and the crypto field will be increasingly interested in the unique product design of the metaverse. In the next year, the metaverse track, especially the innovative metaverse projects, will be the target of the influx of capital from the market.

The birth of BetaMars, the world’s first project to create a “metaverse civilization”, has infinitely expanded the boundaries of metaverse space. Its innovative product design has received great attention from the metaverse market. BetaMars has already received over $10 million in funding from Kryptos, GameMine Capital, HOT DAO, Youbi Capital, Pluto Capital and many other well-known institutions, although it is not live yet. The influx of the metaverse market flooded BetaMars, reflected in their interaction with social media.

It is reported that the BetaMars team has made sufficient preparations before the official launch of the game. After this closed beta test, the BetaMars game will be officially launched. During this time, keep following official reports and community news releases to participate in the BetaMars project and get the first dividends from the project!

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