Assam techie’s analytics platform for public figures and businesses

As India moves into a digital economy, there has been a massive increase in online traffic and conversations across various platforms and forms of content.

For businesses and public figures, this has sparked the demand for better technology to understand audiences and their interaction with their topics of interest and concern.

To address this issue, Bhaskar Bhuyan, an entrepreneur from Assam, led the development of a platform that will analyze the discoverability and digital presence of brands.

“What we’re basically trying to do is show people where they really are. If you are a very important person, a wealthy person, you don’t have time to dig into multiple social media platforms. You just need a complete solution; where am I on a scale of 10 compared to my competition, so that gives you a very basic overview, ”said Bhaskar Bhuyan, CEO of DIGIBILITY EastMojo.

The tool owned by her Delhi-based startup DIGIBILITY gleans insights from conversations using social listening as well as cross-channel analytics from Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., for high-stakes decisions. Currently, in its beta phase, the platform will be equipped with artificial intelligence and predictive audience intelligence to establish roadmaps based on centralized data.

“We don’t just pull data from social media, we pull data from everywhere like even Google and Wikipedia, if you have a Wikipedia page. It pulls information from anything on the World Wide Web, ”said Bhuyan, the business student turned public relations strategist and now communications technologist.

Bhaskar, who has served as a strategic consultant to online reputation management, corporate communications, and policy advisory firms, founded DIGIBILITY in 2020 to provide digital visibility solutions to high net worth individuals, organizations and businesses. The company’s key solutions include reputation and perception management, advice for media and political organizations, and a series of brand activation services.

DIGIBILITY is set to launch a series of solutions for the Northeast market and plans to expand its operations by 2022. The organization will also recruit and deploy resources in Guwahati.

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