As stick changes fade into obscurity, collectors see an opportunity



Car collectors, who tend to be nonconformists, are notoriously drawn to the first and last of all, so it was probably predictable that they would start wanting the latest, and arguably the best, manual transmission cars. .

“These cars tend to be maybe newer than the cars collectors typically look for, but in some cases the rarity factor makes up for that,” said Alexander Weaver, consignment specialist for RM Sotheby’s, a Canadian company. vintage car auction.

Last month, this auction company sold a 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano for $ 692,500. It was one of 30 built with a manual transmission for that year, and it cost around $ 313,000 in new condition. To put the sale in perspective, the Ferrari brought in three to four times what a comparable car with an automatic would have achieved.

“The surge in values ​​has been noticeable,” said David Gooding, founder of California-based auction firm Gooding & Company. “These cars might not be for everyone, but for a certain collector or driver who wants a real analog sports car feel, but with good air conditioning and modern comforts, a late model sports car with a manual transmission can be very attractive. . “

Like RM Sotheby’s, Mr. Gooding’s auction house can point to numerous manual Ferrari sales that have yielded far more than a comparable automatic. It’s much the same in the Lamborghini world, said Weaver, who noted that “the Murciélago’s manual transmission examples sell for up to three times the price of automatic transmissions.”

Even Porsche, which has announced that its new 911 GT3 will be offered with a six-speed manual transmission, has seen the prices of some rare and late-gear shifter cars skyrocket, Mr. Gooding said.

The phenomenon is repeated in the world of online auctions and has spread to cheaper cars. Randy Nonnenberg, co-founder of online auction firm Bring a Trailer, points out that the manual BMW M3 and M5 from the early and mid-2000s are in particular demand.


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