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NEW YORK, Sep 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Elite arts and media agency Arts Management Magazine (AMM) has announced the launch of AMM NextGen, the magazine’s new platform focused on highlighting of the new generation of visionaries and creatives bringing authentic and profound changes in the creative fields.

Founded in 1962, AMM has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to artistic innovation and philanthropy. Announcing the launch, AMM publisher Michael Reiss said that “AMM NextGen’s goal is to provide a unique voice to the next generation of creatives.”

“With AMM NextGen, we want to welcome the new generation of creatives at the forefront of changes in the various fields of art, media, design, music, dance, television / cinema, fashion, food, culture and lifestyle, among others, ”says Michael. .

For followers and enthusiasts who have followed AMM long enough to see how the brand has showcased the philanthropic causes of figures such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Bon Jovi, Tony Bennett, Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, Gene Simmons, and more, AMM NextGen even promises Suite. As the launch nears, the media giant is preparing close-up sessions with Elon Musk and Andra Dray, to provide in-depth insight into the lives of these visionaries and more.

Within AMM NextGen, AMM has also designed other special programs such as Seeking the Creatives, a segment solely dedicated to identifying emerging creators and innovators in various fields. While Creatives in Motion will follow creators in real time to highlight their unique creations and techniques, the Innovators and Influencers segment will focus on the individuals and groups making a difference in our world shifting more towards mental health, environmental awareness and awareness as well as those interested in fact finding and understanding psychology in the digital world we live in.

Complementing this interesting lineup of programs is 60 Seconds, a program that seeks to get people’s first reactions to the creators and creations of the past and present. Finally, there will also be features from creators and innovators of various genres of movements from Beyonce Jaquel Knight’s choreographer to protect the rights of the unusual match between Marina Abramovic and tiktok. Features will also include unique appearances ranging from Chinese fusion to Brazilian duo Burnt Bansky, street performers and a young revolutionary repainting the Renaissance from a female perspective.

“There are a lot of innovations in the art world today and we’re trying to describe how the arts continue to shape the world and bring about real change,” says Michael. This echoes the sentiments of AMM co-founder, the world’s first futurist and best-selling author of Future Shock and The Third Wave, Alvin Toffler.

Shortly before his death, Alvin had written a message to Michael saying;

“… we hope that the compassion and honesty of the arts will continue to evolve with the accelerated pace of technological and informational change.”

This launch of AMM NextGen is in line with AMM’s global mission to amplify creative voices and support the next generation of visionaries with the creativity to meet unforeseen challenges. “We hope more people will join us on this journey to share their individuality, imagination and creativity,” said Michael.

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