Anti-Vax ‘fascist’ riot triggers COVID outbreak in Australia, with help from Rupert Murdoch


SYDNEY – As Tucker Carlson embarks on messy tirades about Australia’s ‘destructive’ and ‘mad’ anti-COVID measures, a virus outbreak linked to a violent anti-vaccine riot tears the Australian city of Melbourne apart, infecting so far at least 20 people, including a baby.

Dissatisfied with vaccination warrants, mobs of rioters blocked the headquarters of the Construction, Forestry, Mines and Energy Union (CFMEU) – one of the most powerful labor unions in the hemisphere south – at the end of last month. Since the clash, at least five union officials have tested positive for COVID. Another 126 people became “primary close contacts” and, according to branch secretary John Setka, the disease has spread to family members.

“One of the members, 14 in his family and over, got it,” Setka, who called the rioters “drunken, fascist and non-Australian idiots,” told Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the public broadcaster of the country, Wednesday morning. “We have the case of a four month old toddler who has it. Young children, grandparents. It’s just absolutely horrible. Some of them are seriously ill.

A news cameraman who covered the protests in anger, framed around vehement opposition to a vaccine mandate in the construction industry, also tested positive.

A CFMEU Victoria / Tasmania section official, who was not authorized to speak publicly, told the Daily Beast that the rioters were ‘fucking larvae’ and putting union members and their families in real danger .

“The only reason we exist is to keep our members safe and these fucking larvae came here to try to make trouble, they spread the virus and now innocent people have been taken there,” he said. he declared. “And they are encouraged by the conservative media spivs who have always hated unions because it serves two of their purposes: spreading lies and putting the union in a difficult position. “

The super broadcaster’s protest sparked a series of other clashes that were co-opted by networks seeking to sow disinformation and discord. In Australia, where Rupert Murdoch controls a significant part of the traditional media landscape, groups have received validation from parts of the Sky News Australia network. The symbiosis arose in early August when YouTube banned the pay-TV broadcaster for several days and permanently deleted some of its content because the videos violated the tech giant’s medical disinformation policies.

Over the past few days, at least, there has been some bizarre real-world cross-pollination between American and Australian conspiratorial elements. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told a boatbuilders conference a week ago that he was not sure Australia was “freer than Communist China right now.” “I don’t know. The fact that it’s even a question tells you that something has drastically gone off the rails,” he said at the Tampa convention.

“It could lead to the death of people.“

Two days ago, so-called “freedom” marchers in New York City ended their protest outside the Australian Consulate in Midtown where they announced they would “hold the line for Australia” and ” save ”the country.

The first round of protests in Melbourne, involving a person infected with the deadly Delta variant of the pathogen, contained a contingent of injured construction workers and union members, but were largely infiltrated by theorists from the conspiracy, right-wing agitators and misfits, anti-vaccine elements of the wellness industry.

The Daily Beast was informed by a state government official that of the 126 identified close contacts within the union, 70% have so far tested negative for COVID-19. But in a state currently experiencing its worst outbreak since the pandemic began 20 months ago, vaccination rates are still not at levels that will help contain the spread. As of Wednesday, only about 54% of the population aged 16 and over had received both doses of the vaccine.

Construction boss Setka told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation the massive spike in Victorian cases to 1,763 in only one day on Tuesday– nearly 2.5 times the peak of the state’s worst wave last year – could “definitely” be linked to walkers. “And it’s so irresponsible,” he said. “It could lead to the deaths of people. “

A member of an outlaw motorcycle gang known as “The Destroyer” who attended the union office protest revealed earlier this week on his Instagram account that he had spent time in care intensive after contracting the virus. “I just got out of intensive care. COVID is real, ”he wrote.

This week, Australian journalist Sharri Markson launched a book about the suspected origins of the virus in a Wuhan lab with Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Sky News colleague Chris Kenny. Towards the end of the event, Carlson said they are brave Englishmen who have done more than anyone to change the world.

“And to see their descendants, that is to say us. You, me, Canada, New Zealand — show a spirit of obedience and cowardice. I’m ashamed to watch it, ”he said. “Where are the fiercely independent Americans? Where the hell are the people who founded the country? Where are their great-grandchildren? Hiding inside because of a virus? Where are the men ?

Chris Kenny, who is also a columnist at News Corporation’s the australian newspaper, said in response, “Thanks for calling him, Tucker Carlson. I think you’re absolutely right.

Despite the “Save Australia! Chants that echoed through the streets of New York this week, Australians were very adept at saving themselves once the federal government finally increased the vaccine supply from mid-year. The two most populous states, New South Wales and Victoria, as well as the National Capital Territory, have recorded higher levels of first-dose immunization than almost anywhere else in the world.

On Wednesday, NSW hit the 70% double-dose vaccination mark for people over 16.

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