Anand Mahindra says the world is more disconnected despite increasing internet use

Have you ever wondered how every minute you spend on the internet impacts you and the world at large? Mahindra Group Chairman and Padma Prize winner Anand Mahindra retweeted a tweet from the World Economic Forum. In this tweet, he said that despite the increasing use of the internet, the world is more disconnected than before.

The boss of the Mahindra group wrote in a one-line tweet: “And despite all this digital dancing, the world is even more disconnected than before…”.

According to statistical, around 197.6 million emails were sent while 500 hours of content was uploaded to YouTube in one minute in 2021.

On top of that, 695,000 stories have been shared on Instagram and nearly 70 million messages via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 60 Seconds on the Internet also consists of 28,000 subscribers who watch Netflix, 2 million Tinder swipes, $ 1.6 million spent on online purchases, 9,132 established connections on LinkedIn and 5,000 TikTok downloads.

“The digital world is a universe in its own right and is changing very rapidly. Myriads of downloads and uploads, posts and searches, sent and received messages, plays and streams occur every minute on the World Wide Web, ”said statista.

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