ABHC’s new education portal shows promise – Daily Ardmoreite

Lindsey Walker
for Ardmoreite

The Ardmore Behavioral Health Collaborative (ABHC), established in 2016 to address mental health issues in the town of Ardmore, took on a project that promised to build connections and easy access to resources from mental health available to everyone in Ardmore at the click of a button.

Following a $30,000 grant awarded to them last month by the Merrick Foundation, an organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life and improve the health of Oklahomans and their communities , ABHC chose to use the funds to build an educational portal alongside the new ABHC webpage.

Ellen Roberts, Director of ABHC, is thrilled to finally provide this platform to the Ardmore community and hopes to make Ardmore’s and southern Oklahoma’s plethora of resources available to the citizens of Ardmore. .

“The goal of the ABHC Education Hub is to provide data-driven insights to the collaboration to better access and meet specific community needs,” she said.

She, and many ABHC members, hope this new tool will have the ability to do much more than provide accessibility and connection. In the future, they hope to develop the web portal as an educational tool and a way to advocate for mental health support resources for adolescents and young people, parents, professionals and other educators. Since its initial launch, the ABHC website has grown in popularity and has the potential to transform Ardmore with the launch of this new portal which is expected to hit the web in January 2023 from the website resources page of the ABHC.

“Giving people information and having it used is so important is the hope of this initiative, and I can’t wait to see how it will impact the community,” Roberts said.

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