4 game tips for beginners

Having a conversation with an experienced player about casino tips for beginners is not the easiest task. They usually start spamming several different and complex terms, like house edge and wagering requirements, without explaining them first.

We are not going to repeat the same mistake in our guide on how to start enjoying online gambling sites approved and legalized by US authorities in certain states.

In this article, we have prepared a set of basic know-how tips to win at the casino and have fun in the process even if a player has never done it before. There are a number of reasons why online gambling has exploded in popularity in recent years, and one of them is the ease with which it is possible to learn to play. Read our guide, take it to heart, and what previously seemed like a complex mechanic that only experienced players can explore with confidence will start to become clear and easy in 1-2-3.

Choose only legal and respectable online casinos

One of the beginner’s mistakes is to go online and choose the casino based on flashy advertisements, great bonuses they offer or gigantic jackpots. All of this is important on its own, but the main reason to choose an online casino is its status. After all, what is a casino if not its reputation: this means that it must be legal, licensed and follow the rules of its respective state.

Gambling involves taking risks, but learning to gamble involves one of the biggest risks a player can take, and that is selecting an online casino. Choosing the right enjoyable pastime may be imminent, but go all-in on a website that doesn’t deserve the attention of gamers, and money and gambling could be forever tainted in your eyes. A good start for any player would be to find the list of casinos approved by their state’s gambling commission and then choose one to their liking.

Understand the concepts of volatility and RTP

There are a few keywords that help players understand how to play casino games. The first is an RTP, and the so-called Return to Player Ratio is a built-in algorithm that slightly tilts the random number generator responsible for the game engine in favor of the casino.

The only thing to remember is that this algorithm does not work for each individual player but for all casino customers playing the game at the same time, so there is always a chance of winning. Usually, the RTP ranges from 92-96% – when customers play for real money, this amount of their investments is returned to them as winnings, and the rest is called the house edge . Choosing games with a high RTP is the obvious answer to how to win at the casino.

Volatility is in the same aisle: listed on game pages alongside RTP, this term signifies how often the player will win. Low volatility games are stress-free; these are the casino games with the best odds and allow you to win often, albeit for small sums. High volatility games, on the other hand, are the answer to how to win big at the casino, because the wins are much less frequent, but the chance of winning a big prize is much greater. And medium volatility games fall somewhere in between.

Try everything and choose what suits you best

Gambling for beginners is fun, as players have their first encounters with all types of casino games and can decide which types they like or dislike at their own pace. We advise you to learn how to play slot machines first, because a slot machine (and especially progressive jackpots) is the best game to win money in the casino, but all other types of games are open to any player at any time. Practicing small bets on many different games is essential to developing your own casino tips and tricks.


Play responsively

Early wins are exciting, but losses will eventually come as well. Playing reactively means not exceeding the budget you have set. Making new and new deposits to return the money the player has lost is a losing strategy, and even the best casino games stop being fun once a player loses too much. Even if a customer is completely sure that they have found the best casino game to win money, it is always better to log off for the day if experiencing a losing streak instead of trying to call again Lady Luck on your side with more and more new bets.


There are plenty of other game-specific tips to discover once a player gets started with online casino games, but we still urge our readers to remember the basics. Playing only on legal online gambling sites, knowing all the terms and concepts they throw at their players, knowing the games with the best casino odds and, above all, playing responsibly are the perfect guarantees that time of a player at the casino will be thrilling, enjoyable and safe.

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