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Condo Loan

Gone are the days when the condominium fee was a hard debt to collect. Since the promulgation of the new Code of Civil Procedure, this type of collection has become more agile. Therefore, avoiding this situation is fundamental.

A loan can be a good way to avoid problems with the condominium. With it, you can pay the debt and have a payment schedule that fits in your pocket, avoiding a number of negative consequences.

Those who have large debts can look for the condominium and propose an agreement to pay the debt.


Risks of not paying the condo

  1. Pledged Account: After 60 days from the due date, the condominium can sue and request the attachment of the debtor’s checking account. If approved, the amount will be debited, including using the overdraft limit;
  2. Dirty name: In some states such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, debtors’ names may be negated in credit protection services (SERASA, SPC, Boa Vista SCPC);
  3. Loss of good : Justice can determine the loss of a good such as a car or property for debt repayment. If the value of the good is higher, the resident receives the difference;
  4. Interest and Fine : In general, non-payment carries a fine of 2% and interest of up to 1% per month, but this amount may vary according to the convention of each condominium;
  5. Voting rights : the condominium may prevent the debtor from voting at meetings and participating in choices such as parking spaces;
  6. Recreation areas: Depending on the condominium convention, the defaulter may be prevented from using recreational areas such as gym and ballroom;
  7. Rent: If the lessee does not pay, the debt will be charged to the lessor. But this can set up breach of contract, making an eviction action possible;
  8. List of arrears: It is not allowed to publicly expose debtors, but the bill can specify which units have failed to pay, as it is an accountability.


Condo loan

condominium loan

At Mindico it is possible to make a personal loan to repay this debt. The values ​​range from $ 1,000 to $ 50,000 and the installment goes from 6 to 36 months. All according to credit analysis.

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